A revised binaural mix….

Having posted this a few days ago I revisited in and found some errors in the way it had been mixed, this should be better 🙂


It was written for the Blinc digital festival in Conwy a place renowned for its castle but also the jackdaws that reside in and around the town.


The work was originally done in quadrophonic surround sound but has been mixed down binaurally which (briefly) takes into account the timing and EQ changes that take place as sound bends around your head to reach each ear, thus arriving at often slightly different times and having often lost slightly different parts of the frequency content.

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 17.27.51

The work was made with recordings and realised in ProTools, the binaural processing was done with a home made programming patch in the Max 6 environment.

Binaural encoding is a bit of a personalised effect it works really well for some people and less so on others. I’d be pleased to get some feedback.

Enjoy 🙂


A binaural mix…

This is me dipping my toe into the world of binaural mixing of electroacoustic music…

so please do wear headphones to listen to this otherwise it will sound awful 🙂

Jackdaws was written for the first Blinc Digital festival (situated in Conwy, Wales U.K.).

It was originally made in four channel (quad) surround sound and was designed to compliment the visual work of Helen Booth and poetry by Rhys Trimble see cmd.co.uk/?attachment_id=280 for more details.

This mix has been made to go on headphones and is my fist proper venture into the field of binaural mixing, so any feedback (especially on the spatialisation) would be appreciated.

Thanks to Lorenzo Picinali for helping me into this insane 3D sound world.

I hope you enjoy it:)

P.S. having listened back to it I made a mistake in the coding you may or may not notice a hole in the middle of the mix, once I get onto a computer were I can sort this I will. Sorry, call me picky, but!