Nice things and a review of sorts.

20130425-170050.jpg There are days when I really do love my work. No, seriously. Today I have received a book from the wonderful people at focal press (for free) titled Designing Audio Effect Plug-ins in C++ on the condition that I look over it and insist anyone for whom it may be useful please by it. So. There is the plug over. I’m working my way through, pint in one hand iPhone running an online C++ compiler in the other (which is a bit rubbish). Thus far it seems to be a good if slightly odd book. From my perspective it seems to be very aimed at programmers who want to do music, and not the other way around which is not the angle I have usually experienced form Focal. The introduction to digital audio concepts starts from quite basic where as the C++ side assumes some considerable prior knowledge. This minor gripe aside it seems to be a thorough book with some very clear diagrams and code examples which build up from a slightly conceptualised verbalisation of each plug-in. Definitely worth the £35 asking price if this is your thing, but not a beginners guide and musicians inspired by things like CDP may be slightly annoyed by the asymmetry towards audio basics and (in my opinion) comparatively more complex coding. Right. Expect a full review when i get to the end. But can I get to the bar again without my {}? Ok here we go, cout<< //!