A Foreword

For Host/Operator

Creativity takes many forms.

Engagement with the sonic arts is a simple exercise, just listen.

Therein lies some of the beauty of this medium, it can be grasped instantly; and in so doing the listener can become (at least partially) cognisant of an enormity of meaning, symbolism, experience and practice that the acoustic information implies. 

This is particularly true of the work of Host/Operator. Theirs is an expression which embraces the audible and then exceeds it. The live composition of the work coupled with its instantaneous performance, are facilitated by a wealth of experience and self-reliance. The supreme mastery over ones medium to the point of the subversion of the self is an accomplishment few achieve, and in so doing this raises their work from that of a solely musical endeavour into an overarching meta-sphere of creativity.

Theirs is the hyperspace of the present, the infinitesimal point where past and future meet: reciprocation of past and projection to future are mediated through creative process, physical action and technological affordance to create a visceral, resonant dimension, outside of the day to day experience.

For this, and for so many other kindnesses, thank you both.

Ed Wright PhD FRSA

Penmaenmawr N. Wales 2019


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