Crowdfunding my way to New York to play a concert.

I have been asked to go and perform some music at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival in July. In terms of pure fun, career progression, networking and exposure it looks like it could be astounding! To give this a bit of context, I live in Wales (UK).

Earlier this year I was commissioned by Bangor Music Festival to compose and perform a piece of electroacoustic music / sonic art. This concert went really well and the piece is now available on iTunes, Spotify etc and is beginning to get noticed. The work was originally composed in 8 channel surround sound and is designed to be diffused in performance on even larger 3D sound arrays.

Above is a stereo mix down of the piece and here is a bit of writing about it.

I have now been asked to give the work a repeat performance on the other side of the Atlantic. My performance would comprise of diffusion the piece in the Abrons Arts Centre New York – 466 Grand St, Lower East Side, using their 16 channel surround sound auditorium. This will take place as part of a week-long series of concerts which also includes practice and rehearsal time in the venue. This will not only further develop my creative and performance skills, but will give me the opportunity to learn from, perform to and engage with world experts in the field, while sharing a tiny bit of UK culture with the world at large.

newyorkThe festival is happy to provide accommodation etc. but I would need to cover my travel and subsistence.

At the moment I can’t afford to get there. I have applied for various arts/music/culture grants but don’t know if I will be successful. So I attempting to Crowdfund my way as well; to (and from) New York with a little help from friends, fans and family in case the formal funding doesn’t come through 😉 The Crowdfunding link is here, if you have a few pounds to spare it would be hugely appreciated!

It would mean a massive amount, both on a personal (especially if you read the blog entry about the piece) and professional level if I could get there.

Many many thanks



1 thought on “Crowdfunding my way to New York to play a concert.”

  1. hi ed, I will give you
    £5 tohelp not much but hope it helps call into caff and I will pay . best of luck

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