A Brief Intro to Acousmatic Composition

A Brief Intro to Acousmatic Composition

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ground loop


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“Our musical alphabet must be enriched. We also need new instruments very badly. . . . In my own works I have always felt the need of new mediums of expression . . . which can lend themselves to every expression of thought and can keep up with thought.”

Edgard Varèse: New York Morning Telegraph 1916

“Perhaps the time is not far off when a composer will be able to represent through recording, music specifically composed for the gramophone”

Andre Coeuroy: Panorama of Contemporary Music 1928

“The rediscovery of the musicality of sound in noise and in language, and the reunification of music, noise and language in order to obtain a unity of material: that is one of the chief artistic tasks of radio.”

Rudolf Arnheim Radio 1936

“When I proposed the term ‘musique concrète,’ I intended … to point out an opposition with the way musical work usually…

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