Watery fates….


Going out to go underwater sound recording for Bangor New Music Festival 🙂

As I have been traveling everywhere by bus this week, which given the nature of what I do is not always that simple given the amount/delicate nature of kit that goes about the stuff in the box has become stripped down to the level of an art in itself…..

2 x hydrophones (lent by Bangor Uni School of Ocean Sciences)
1 x Fostex audio recorder
1 x remote control in case of wet situations
1 x headphones
1 roll of insulation tape for insulation, table tidying, and waterproofing.
1 roll of surgical tape for attaching things to people if required
1 roll of gaffa tape for almost anything
1 roll of aluminum tape for conductive and heat proof repairs
Wire cutters/strippers
1 x multimeter to mend stuff when it breaks
25 x nappy bags for inexpensive waterproofing.
1 spoon for banging things to make noise
1 feather to ‘silently’ make tings make noise
Fishing line for suspending things
Balloons for suspending things in the water column.

Absolutely nothing that requires mains power!

‘Tis going to be great and mad, especially when there are 26 primary school kids all armed with microphones thrown into the mix too!


Moving on up!

photoAfter roughly 5 years, I am relocating my studio out of Hendre Hall to closer to home. There have been some great times there and I’d like to say thanks to all who have supported, listened and heckled over the years. Especial thanks must go to Malcolm and James Innes along with Mike ‘The Lights’ for putting up with the strange noises and random happenings. A massive thanks to everyone 🙂199738_10150174549315631_687534_nthumbs_edwright292833_10150363418310631_8193653_n182094_10150147756365631_2827187_n

I have had loads of fun there and created some cool things, even if I do say so myself! From: instrumental music, motion tracking party installations, through to surround sound acousmatic pieces, electronics and programing, and sonic marble runs I have had a blast.

All these have made in some way in that studio.

‘Starlight Snowfall’, String Ensemble and 4 channel electronics

‘Thinking Inside the Box’, Stereo fixed media installation
‘Crosswire’, for electric violin and live processing

‘Anatomy of a Mountain Stream’, 4 channel fixed media
‘Sound Games’, electronics and live controllers
‘Wordless Prayer’ Sound Sculpture (collaboration Hodges, Attard, Flescher)
‘Folksong’ Sound-sculpture
‘Live Study’ Live visual art sampling and electroacoustic
‘Jackdaws’ 4 Channel electroacoustic audio. For installation. Images by Helen Booth, performance poetry by Rhys Trimble.
‘This it Tomorrow’ 4 Channel electroacoustic audio. For installation. Sculpture by Dominic McGill

‘Amser/Time’ Electracoustic soundtrack. For stop-motion animation. Animation by Wendy Dawson and Tim Pugh.

‘Who can hear the Sea’, Octophonic evolving installation
‘DROP!’, Sound game installation

Thanks everyone, here’s to the next 5 years


Bring it on!


I’m honoured to say that I’m going to be the viola player for this ensemble and call for works so, please write something for us!

BNMF – Call for Scores
‘If music be the food of love, play on’
Piece inspired by Shakespeare
All students are invited to submit original scores for the Bangor New Music Festival, to be
performed on Friday 14 March 2014 by the Bangor New Music Ensemble. The location for
the performance will be outdoors, on Bangor High Street, with the use of the Deniol Shopping
Centre balcony. The piece could either use text by Shakespeare or be inspired by a dramatic
work by the playwright. The text could be in Welsh for the Tenor. A few instruments/voices
(with the exception of cello) may be positioned on the balcony, see the given plan below. (In
case of extreme weather conditions the performance will be relocated under the Shopping
Centre glass porch.)
Composers are invited to submit works for any combination of the following
• Tenor (range: middle C – top Bb)
• Flute (doubling Piccolo and/or Alto)
• Clarinet (doubling Bass Clarinet)
• Violin (x2)
• Viola
• Cello (doubling Soprano, range: middle C – top A. Please do not include a part
where both cello and voice are performing simultaneously).
Deadline for submission is 12 noon, Friday 3 January 2014.
For more information, please contact Elina Hamilton at elina.hamilton@bangor.ac.uk or
01248 382183