On ‘playing’ flaming pianos

Piano Burning Annea Lockwood

Sat 29th June 6:45 The Old Goods Yard Bangor.

Bangor Sound City and Soundlands in partnership with the Harwich Festival of the Arts and The Old Goods Yard Artists’ Collective present a performance of 3 of Lockwood’s 1960’s-70’s Piano Transplant series. Annea will be performing alongside guests Xenia Pestova, Sarah Westwood and Ed Wright, along with live video link ups to the other two works:

Piano Burning – The Old Goods Yard Bangor

Piano Garden – Gwydyr Forest

Eastern Exposure – Harwich Beach

The will also be responses to the work from members of The Old Goods Yard Artists’ Collective including: Martin Daws, ScrapYardQueen, Urban Dance Collective, Tim Cumine, Henry Horrell and Brian Nylon.



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