Working and learning… :)

I’ve just spent most of the working day setting up, and tech-ing for talks and performances by Barry Truax. Some very interesting and immensely in-depth work. I’m not sure that I quite go in for the sine based nature of it. as a result of that, and possibly a bi-product of all the convolution processing, there is a lot of the sound which feels overly bright, and the sound field ideology can sometimes feel too small/massive to get your teeth into as an idea for a concept piece of Art. These aesthetic differences, aside I am proud to say I have been alongside a phenomenal mind and a formidable composer  today. For all those of you out there who get excited about stuff by people like Curtis Roads, and for that matter either of the Schaeffers, go and have a look at this man’s work and check out the publication dates. A truly under acknowledged genius.

So as a closing question for composers how have you applied:

      • soundscape composition
      • granular synthesis
      • granulation of sampled sound
      • waveguide resonators
      • convolution
      • use of the I Ching

And for listeners when was the last time you knowingly appreciated this stuff as it is very in depth, pervasive and worth a look into….

List lifted from Traux’s website at


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